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motivation, mindset, dealing with problems, improvisation

Drive-thru nature

By Charlotte | 13/10/2019

What kind of traveller are you? One that stays in your comfortzone or one that ventures out?

Big waves on Mealista, outer hebrides west coast

The waves are alive with the sound of singing.

By Charlotte | 28/12/2018

Throw mindfulness out of the window! We should all be singing when fear gets to us.

Charlotte washing in a burn, behind some sheep dentures.

FAQ’s on hygiene, lowering my standards

By Charlotte | 08/06/2018

How to cope with with persenol hygiene while kayaking for 5 weeks and having no showers

Trouble in paradise

By Charlotte | 16/03/2018

Prelude The sky turns slowly in the color of a big black bruise, Ominous and threatening on the horizon, while we peddle over the to…

Cairn on top of Ben Nevis

Climbing Ben Nevis

By Charlotte | 02/03/2018

O noooo, wind force 8 predicted…and I am in a kayak on Cape Wrath!!! We must escape before the storm hits the coast! Early in…

Silence is a troublemaker

By Charlotte | 03/02/2018

‘Our thinking is like a boat on the water, pushed along by the waves and influenced by the wind.’ Hazrat Inayat Khan And what happens…

Alexander holding a rock in a heart shape

The love boat

By Alexander | 19/01/2018

A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it’s built for. — Albert Einstein or John A. Shedd. I always…

The naked lady on the beach

By Charlotte | 22/12/2017

Travelling by kayak involves a lot of changing from one outfit to another. Usually, I have a dry set of clothes on land and a…

The roof of Ensay House in a nice evening Sky

Rescued by Zorro’s mum

By Charlotte | 08/12/2017

‘When the infection is joint by high fever and shivers, this could indicate blood poisoning – a serious affliction in which medical attention is urgently…

Two seagull chicks on the clifs of Stroma, Orkney

Like a virgin -touched for the very first time

By Charlotte | 03/09/2017

I made it through the wilderness Somehow I made it through Didn’t know how lost I was Until I found…… -Madonna- It’s intriguing how some…

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