watercolour, drawings, land-art

Watercolour, Pollard Willow in the Dutch flood plain of the River Rhine.

Pollard Willow

By Alexander | 23rd February 2019

My love for Pollard Willows and the Dutch landscape between the big rivers.

Rusty bow of a puffer in a cave

Jennie, a wreck in a cave

By Alexander | 4th January 2019

Partly due to the weather the light is already dimming out. We had an early start and some rest on the southwestern tip of Arisaig.…

Watercolour after Norman Ackroyd, Mingulay Bay

The Old Man and the Sea

By Alexander | 21st December 2018

After a day, sheltering for the endless rain, we decide to explore the town a bit further and find ourselves a nice dinner. Dressed in…

More Kayaking, more sketches

By Alexander | 17th August 2018

Out kayaking, collecting stories and sketches

By Alexander | 3rd August 2018

This is the time we have to work, to collect new stories and sketches. So to give you a taste of last year, here are…

Tom Leppard, watching us over a botthy wall

I’m a weirdo and I know it

By Charlotte | 13th May 2018

What is that? Two kayaks are approaching the beach? Oh no, not today. He thinks back to an evening three nights ago when a couple…

Training in France

By Alexander | 27th April 2018

Sorry, the story will be late. This week we are in training; writing, painting and cycling in France.

Watercolour of a small, blue Scotish fishing boat, the Girl Josie. In a moody landscape just after the rain has stoped

Alexander’s boat

By Charlotte | 11th February 2018

It was the most dreich of dreich days. In the fifty shades of rain common to Scotland, this rain curtain had droplets thicker than mist…

The Old Man of Hoy

By Alexander | 15th December 2017

The Old Man of Hoy rises one hundred and thirty-seven meters above the sea. It is a temporary monument in an almost timeless landscape. It…