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My Harry Potter boat.

kayak with crates with stuff ready to be packed

Every year we pack all of our camping stuff in plastic crates to go on our Scottish kayaking holidays. Every crate packed for a specific hatch of the boat. So my boat will have sleep stuff and clothes in the front, foodstuff in the back and water and small food items in my small hatch…

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Revamping the German reddish brunette.

Until now most of the blog post, where stories about our summer kayak adventures. However, in the spring and autumn, we like to slow travel by car. Taking the bicycles and hiking boots somewhere into the landscape of northern France. To get some sleep in a French forest or field we use our car as…

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DIY Gear

We like creating and designing our own gear. We do a wide range of stuff, like sewing and carpentry or creating stoves from deodorant canisters. When we converted our Volkswagen Caddy, we thought it would be nice to start sharing our creations. In the future, we will extend the list but for now, we only…

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Mini Camper conversion

We always used a small commercial van as our mini camper. Except for a tentlike extension on the barn doors on the rear and some storage space above the foot end, it was quite a stock car. But when we bought our Volkswagen Caddy, we were ready for some more comfortable conditions, and spend some…

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The removable compact camper unit

The concept of the camper unit is quite simple and consists of two parts. In the boot of the car is a box-like structure that also can stay in the car when the rear bench is placed. When the rear benches are removed, an upright frame hooks in the bench slots. This frame is connected…

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