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A wonderful read.

By Charlotte | 15th November 2020

The Vendee Globe single handed, non-stop sailing race around the world has started this week. I want to share a story about a sailor of a competition…..

Charlotte Gannet with fake tan on

Putting some Trump on.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 9th October 2020

‘What a weird colour’ Alex looks at me in wonder while he puts some sun cream on my nose.
The thing I got in common with Trump

Steepness of a hill

Climbing like Sharapova.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 25th September 2020

When climbing hills I always attract some unwanted company… I can’t help it. But now I know how to deal with it.

Climate refugee.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 28th August 2020

I must redefine bad weather. I must. After a summer holiday in France, I finally know what bad weather really is…

Where the Lark becomes our chorus

By All Exclusive Cruises | 28th July 2020

When things happen beyond our controle and we have to change our plans.

paddling in the mist

Being a weatherman/women in Scotland.

By Charlotte | 20th March 2020

It must be an awful job, being a weatherman/women in Scotland. Dangerous too. Not to mention the mental health issues that might occur while having this job.

Cairn on top of Ben Nevis

An interesting walk

By Charlotte | 7th February 2020

When you you find yourself clawing on all fours up a hill, something must have gone wrong in the planning.

Refelction of fotographer in sunglassen of Charlotte gannet

The pictures I didn’t take.

By Charlotte | 10th January 2020

Do you have it too? On once-in-a-lifetime-moments you either don’t have a camera or you forget to take a picture? Here is my top 5 of these moments…

view from Stroma over the Swilkie

Crossing from Stroma to Swona

By Charlotte | 20th December 2019

The sea and currents around the Orkney islands can be very traitorous even if you are a well trained seakayaker. In this post our adventures on the crossing between Stroma and Swona.

Drive-thru nature

By Charlotte | 13th October 2019

What kind of traveller are you? One that stays in your comfortzone or one that ventures out?