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Climate refugee.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 28th August 2020

I must redefine bad weather. I must. After a summer holiday in France, I finally know what bad weather really is…

Where the Lark becomes our chorus

By All Exclusive Cruises | 28th July 2020

When things happen beyond our controle and we have to change our plans.

paddling in the mist

Being a weatherman/women in Scotland.

By Charlotte | 20th March 2020

It must be an awful job, being a weatherman/women in Scotland. Dangerous too. Not to mention the mental health issues that might occur while having this job.

Cairn on top of Ben Nevis

An interesting walk

By Charlotte | 7th February 2020

When you you find yourself clawing on all fours up a hill, something must have gone wrong in the planning.

Refelction of fotographer in sunglassen of Charlotte gannet

The pictures I didn’t take.

By Charlotte | 10th January 2020

Do you have it too? On once-in-a-lifetime-moments you either don’t have a camera or you forget to take a picture? Here is my top 5 of these moments…

view from Stroma over the Swilkie

Crossing from Stroma to Swona

By Charlotte | 20th December 2019

The sea and currents around the Orkney islands can be very traitorous even if you are a well trained seakayaker. In this post our adventures on the crossing between Stroma and Swona.

Drive-thru nature

By Charlotte | 13th October 2019

What kind of traveller are you? One that stays in your comfortzone or one that ventures out?

Big waves on Mealista, outer hebrides west coast

The waves are alive with the sound of singing.

By Charlotte | 28th December 2018

Throw mindfulness out of the window! We should all be singing when fear gets to us.

Charlotte washing in a burn, behind some sheep dentures.

FAQ’s on hygiene, lowering my standards

By Charlotte | 8th June 2018

How to cope with with persenol hygiene while kayaking for 5 weeks and having no showers

Trouble in paradise

By Charlotte | 16th March 2018

Prelude The sky turns slowly in the color of a big black bruise, Ominous and threatening on the horizon, while we peddle over the to…