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Raasay bothy

Meeting on Raasay, the ceilidh.

By Charlotte | 6th March 2020

How we ended up in a family ceiligh in a bothy and had to perform on ‘stage’.

Beautiful sunset over Thurso harbour

How to listen to a local.

By Charlotte | 21st February 2020

What do you do when you can not understand the person in front of you when you know he speaks english.

Cairn on top of Ben Nevis

An interesting walk

By Charlotte | 7th February 2020

When you you find yourself clawing on all fours up a hill, something must have gone wrong in the planning.

Charlotte Gannet passing Clythness lighthouse

My own countrymen.

By Charlotte | 24th January 2020

Where do you turn to when you need help? Right, to your own countrymen. They will definitely help you out. This is the best advice ever.

Refelction of fotographer in sunglassen of Charlotte gannet

The pictures I didn’t take.

By Charlotte | 10th January 2020

Do you have it too? On once-in-a-lifetime-moments you either don’t have a camera or you forget to take a picture? Here is my top 5 of these moments…

Whalebone with a view over Harris

How a sad whale story can make solid new years resolutions.

By Alexander | 1st January 2020

We love to watch whales and dolphins swimming anlongside of our kayaks. Unfortunatly we also come across dead whales, killed by our poluting lifestyle.

view from Stroma over the Swilkie

Crossing from Stroma to Swona

By Charlotte | 20th December 2019

The sea and currents around the Orkney islands can be very traitorous even if you are a well trained seakayaker. In this post our adventures on the crossing between Stroma and Swona.

listening to the VHF radio for the weatherforcast

All stations, all stations, all stations!

By Charlotte | 6th December 2019

While listening to the weather forecast on the hand-held VHF radio, I imagine what the reader looks like. By just listening to their voices I imagine what they must look like in real life. I want to share my imaginations with you.

The cookingpot with food in it on Copinsay island Orkney islands

My grandma’s cooking pot

By Charlotte | 22nd November 2019

I inherited my grandma’s cookingpots and this is what happenend to them.

Sea eagle encounter

By Charlotte | 1st November 2019

An absolute ‘WOW’ moment with a white-tailed eagle!!!