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Jimmy's bench on Hoy

Dae ye ivver hiv days when – as hid draas tae a close- ye lukk back an realise ye’ve aachieeved absoluutly nutheen?

By Charlotte | 09/09/2018

Don’t you just love Google Maps? It is a very useful tool to study the coastline of the Scottish Islands before visiting them. Dreaming away…

More Kayaking, more sketches

By Alexander | 17/08/2018

Out kayaking, collecting stories and sketches

By Alexander | 03/08/2018

This is the time we have to work, to collect new stories and sketches. So to give you a taste of last year, here are…

Ticks do not tickle

By Charlotte | 20/07/2018

My opinion about ticks, and it is not a good one.

Three severed mackerel heads on the rocks

How to kill a fish.

By Charlotte | 07/07/2018

How to kill a fish swiftly with your own two hands and my thought about killing the fish.

The man with bad make up.

By Charlotte | 22/06/2018

A meeting with the most tattooed senior citizen on a remote beach on Skye Scotland.

Charlotte washing in a burn, behind some sheep dentures.

FAQ’s on hygiene, lowering my standards

By Charlotte | 08/06/2018

How to cope with with persenol hygiene while kayaking for 5 weeks and having no showers

‘Do you know where the shipwreck is?’

By Charlotte | 25/05/2018

A story about a little girl with a big imagination on a quest to find the shipwreck of the SS Politician after hearing the story in the pub.

Tom Leppard, watching us over a botthy wall

I’m a weirdo and I know it

By Charlotte | 13/05/2018

What is that? Two kayaks are approaching the beach? Oh no, not today. He thinks back to an evening three nights ago when a couple…

Training in France

By Alexander | 27/04/2018

Sorry, the story will be late. This week we are in training; writing, painting and cycling in France.