All the answers on the questions you are dying to ask

It is all in the ship’s name.

By Charlotte | 10th February 2019

Why did this captain give his boat the name ‘Fear Not 2’? And what happened to ‘Fear Not 1’? And why is a boat always referred to as ‘she’? These questions always pop up when seeing a fishing boat on the water or in harbours.

The secret world of Highland cows.

By Charlotte | 1st February 2019

Highland cattle are always fun to watch but keep an eye on your seakayak and stuff with the cow’s are around!

To pee or not to pee, that is the question…

By Charlotte | 26th January 2019

This one is for all kayaking girls. How to pee in the boat while kayaking.

Rusty bow of a puffer in a cave

Jennie, a wreck in a cave

By Alexander | 4th January 2019

Partly due to the weather the light is already dimming out. We had an early start and some rest on the southwestern tip of Arisaig.…

Big waves on Mealista, outer hebrides west coast

The waves are alive with the sound of singing.

By Charlotte | 28th December 2018

Throw mindfulness out of the window! We should all be singing when fear gets to us.

Watercolour after Norman Ackroyd, Mingulay Bay

The Old Man and the Sea

By Alexander | 21st December 2018

After a day, sheltering for the endless rain, we decide to explore the town a bit further and find ourselves a nice dinner. Dressed in…

Revamping the German reddish brunette.

By Alexander | 30th November 2018

Until now most of the blog post, where stories about our summer kayak adventures. However, in the spring and autumn, we like to slow travel…

DIY Gear

By Alexander | 30th November 2018

We like creating and designing our own gear. We do a wide range of stuff, like sewing and carpentry or creating stoves from deodorant canisters.…

Mini Camper conversion

By Alexander | 30th November 2018

We always used a small commercial van as our mini camper. Except for a tentlike extension on the barn doors on the rear and some…

The removable compact camper unit

By Alexander | 30th November 2018

The concept of the camper unit is quite simple and consists of two parts. In the boot of the car is a box-like structure that…