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The man with bad make up.

By Charlotte | 22nd June 2018

A meeting with the most tattooed senior citizen on a remote beach on Skye Scotland.

Charlotte washing in a burn, behind some sheep dentures.

FAQ’s on hygiene, lowering my standards

By Charlotte | 8th June 2018

How to cope with with persenol hygiene while kayaking for 5 weeks and having no showers

‘Do you know where the shipwreck is?’

By Charlotte | 25th May 2018

A story about a little girl with a big imagination on a quest to find the shipwreck of the SS Politician after hearing the story in the pub.

Tom Leppard, watching us over a botthy wall

I’m a weirdo and I know it

By Charlotte | 13th May 2018

What is that? Two kayaks are approaching the beach? Oh no, not today. He thinks back to an evening three nights ago when a couple…

Training in France

By Alexander | 27th April 2018

Sorry, the story will be late. This week we are in training; writing, painting and cycling in France.

Mermaid in steel door in Wick, Scotland.

How to improve your mermaid spotting skills.

By Charlotte | 13th April 2018

Paddling around this enchanting landscape of the Scottish coastline, illusions of magical creatures under the waves start floating around in my head. It is almost…

Plate with fried seaweed, Dulse

Foraging companionship and the taste of seaweed

By Alexander | 30th March 2018

“Do you know the different types of seaweed?” the guy asks, he’s one of the 14 nephews and cousins we just met. They stay in…

Trouble in paradise

By Charlotte | 16th March 2018

Prelude The sky turns slowly in the color of a big black bruise, Ominous and threatening on the horizon, while we peddle over the to…

Cairn on top of Ben Nevis

Climbing Ben Nevis

By Charlotte | 2nd March 2018

O noooo, wind force 8 predicted…and I am in a kayak on Cape Wrath!!! We must escape before the storm hits the coast! Early in…

Charlotte in kayak with basking shark close to South Uist

As dangerous as a visit to my mother-in-law

By Alexander | 16th February 2018

‘Are you sane?’ she asks when we tell her we will round the Mull of Kintyre the next day. We are not surprised by the…