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Silence is a troublemaker

By Charlotte | 3rd February 2018

‘Our thinking is like a boat on the water, pushed along by the waves and influenced by the wind.’ Hazrat Inayat Khan And what happens…

Another high

By Charlotte | 28th January 2018

This weekend we enjoyed and other high water. This time on the river Waal, the largest distributary branch of the Rhine. First by bicycle, which…

Alexander holding a rock in a heart shape

The love boat

By Alexander | 19th January 2018

A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it’s built for. — Albert Einstein or John A. Shedd. I always…

Kayaking in Meinderswijk, Arnhem. With High water in the floodplain

High water at home

By Alexander | 12th January 2018

This week, in the Rhine close to home, water did rise to 12.40m NAP (approx. sea level). To give you a reference to my floor…

Pollock on deck of kayak, with a spool of fishing line.

May the fish be with you.

By Charlotte | 5th January 2018

Kayaking makes you hungry. We had some romantic ideas and mouth-watering dreams about catching fish as we went. Easy peasy, fish swim by them self,…

Charlotte and Alexander in a sunset, waving at the viewer. At Fast Castle

Happy New Year!

By Charlotte | 31st December 2017

Charlotte and Alexander Gannet

The naked lady on the beach

By Charlotte | 22nd December 2017

Travelling by kayak involves a lot of changing from one outfit to another. Usually, I have a dry set of clothes on land and a…

Leaf skeleton of Holly on e bed of seaweed

Merry Christmas

By Charlotte | 22nd December 2017

Alexander and Charlotte Gannet        

The Old Man of Hoy

By Alexander | 15th December 2017

The Old Man of Hoy rises one hundred and thirty-seven meters above the sea. It is a temporary monument in an almost timeless landscape. It…

The roof of Ensay House in a nice evening Sky

Rescued by Zorro’s mum

By Charlotte | 8th December 2017

‘When the infection is joint by high fever and shivers, this could indicate blood poisoning – a serious affliction in which medical attention is urgently…