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The Brownie of Cara island.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 27th November 2020

Yummy, brownies!!! But this is a Brownie that can’t be eaten. You will get into trouble when you try. This Brownie is one of the magical ones

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

By Charlotte | 22nd March 2019

I’m not keeping it for myself any longer. This is my coming out. Yes, I’m a believer. I believe Nessie is alive!

It is all in the ship’s name.

By Charlotte | 10th February 2019

Why did this captain give his boat the name ‘Fear Not 2’? And what happened to ‘Fear Not 1’? And why is a boat always referred to as ‘she’? These questions always pop up when seeing a fishing boat on the water or in harbours.

‘Do you know where the shipwreck is?’

By Charlotte | 25th May 2018

A story about a little girl with a big imagination on a quest to find the shipwreck of the SS Politician after hearing the story in the pub.

Mermaid in steel door in Wick, Scotland.

How to improve your mermaid spotting skills.

By Charlotte | 13th April 2018

Paddling around this enchanting landscape of the Scottish coastline, illusions of magical creatures under the waves start floating around in my head. It is almost…