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The cookingpot with food in it on Copinsay island Orkney islands

My grandma’s cooking pot

By Charlotte | 22nd November 2019

I inherited my grandma’s cookingpots and this is what happenend to them.

Charlotte and Alexander Gannet are cooking outdoor

FAQ about Food.

By Charlotte | 17th May 2019

Ever wondered what we do for food? This story you wil know all about our breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Three severed mackerel heads on the rocks

How to kill a fish.

By Charlotte | 7th July 2018

How to kill a fish swiftly with your own two hands and my thought about killing the fish.

Plate with fried seaweed, Dulse

Foraging companionship and the taste of seaweed

By Alexander | 30th March 2018

“Do you know the different types of seaweed?” the guy asks, he’s one of the 14 nephews and cousins we just met. They stay in…

Pollock on deck of kayak, with a spool of fishing line.

May the fish be with you.

By Charlotte | 5th January 2018

Kayaking makes you hungry. We had some romantic ideas and mouth-watering dreams about catching fish as we went. Easy peasy, fish swim by them self,…