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mini-campervan, tent, burners

kayak with crates with stuff ready to be packed

My Harry Potter boat.

By Charlotte | 19/07/2019

Every year we pack all of our camping stuff in plastic crates to go on our Scottish kayaking holidays. Every crate packed for a specific…

To pee or not to pee, that is the question…

By Charlotte | 26/01/2019

This one is for all kayaking girls. How to pee in the boat while kayaking.

Revamping the German reddish brunette.

By Alexander | 30/11/2018

Until now most of the blog post, where stories about our summer kayak adventures. However, in the spring and autumn, we like to slow travel…

DIY Gear

By Alexander | 30/11/2018

We like creating and designing our own gear. We do a wide range of stuff, like sewing and carpentry or creating stoves from deodorant canisters.…

Mini Camper conversion

By Alexander | 30/11/2018

We always used a small commercial van as our mini camper. Except for a tentlike extension on the barn doors on the rear and some…

The removable compact camper unit

By Alexander | 30/11/2018

The concept of the camper unit is quite simple and consists of two parts. In the boot of the car is a box-like structure that…

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