The concept of the camper unit is quite simple and consists of two parts. In the boot of the car is a box-like structure that also can stay in the car when the rear bench is placed. When the rear benches are removed, an upright frame hooks in the bench slots. This frame is connected to the rear box by three planks. The whole unit can be removed by unscrewing 9 bolts and stored like an IKEA flat-pack.

Design of the removable compact mini camper unit

The height of the platform is 30 cm. High enough to load the 30 L Euroboxes underneath the bed platform with ease. The rear box fits six boxes and underneath the frontal frame and other free can be stored. On top of the platform is an 83 cm clearance under the tailgate sill, which is high enough for the bicycle stand and just allows the parcel shelf to be fitted through the tailgate opening. With the parcel shelf fitted another six boxes fit on top of the platform. When the front seats are fitted with the back of the seats lowered, the 30 cm high box forms an almost seamless platform.

The rear box

The rear box can stay in the car even with the rear benches in place. It consists of two 18mm plywood sides and a connecting beam. The whole structure can be removed with an Allen key, releasing the 6 bolds. This box is secured to the body of the car by a steel cable connected to a lashing eye. For some of the lashing eyes, I used a router to create a small recess in the plywood sides. The top of the plywood has an aluminium angle profile with an L-section. This holds the horizontal sheets of plywood that form the top of the platform.

The front frame

The front upright frame hooks easily into the bench slots and is connected with the rear box by three planks. Three planks connect the frame to the rear box. The planks and upright frame are just connected by wood joints so it will not slide. The short end of the planks is connected to the rear box by both wood joints and a bold.

Charlotte installing the frontal upright frame

Horizontal platform sheets

Horizontal platform sheets

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