We use our normal duvet but bought a smaller pillow to save some space. The mattress is created by an 8 cm tick HR foam mattress and a tin mattress topper.

We bought a 120×200 cm HR foam or cold foam mattress with a thickness of 8 cm. This HR foam is a polyurethane foam with an open cell structure that ensures good ventilation and a high degree of resilience (hence its name: High Resilience).

We sliced this mattress with a sharp kitchen knife into three parts. The food end of the bed is a little bit narrower, but the middle section already follows the wheel arches and becomes 120 cm wide. We ended up with a mattress which was 185 cm long.



Waking up, the bed still out.


Storage of the bed is simple, we use an IKEA bag for the pillows and duvet and strap the mattress to the ceiling of the car. We reclaimed the Velcro straps from our IKEA mattresses we use at home.


The bed just cleared. Mattress to the side and the duvet and pillows in the Ikea bag.