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Camping on the Raasay Narrows

Bagpipes over the Raasay Narrows.

By Charlotte | 30th October 2020

The sound of bagpipes realy complements the Scottish landscape. And listening to someone practising this instument, takes me back to my childhood.


By All Exclusive Cruises | 11th September 2020

A story of an amazing animal encounter and saving a bird of prey.

Beautiful Scottish landscape

Creepy crawlies.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 19th June 2020

Do you know what creepy crawlies travel with you, in your tent, in your gear? You might be doing them a favour….

midgies at sunset at the Callanish Stones

Midgies are therapy animals!

By All Exclusive Cruises | 8th May 2020

My mother taught me always look to for the positive side in any challenging situation. I tried to take her advice and this is how it worked out….

Row of abandoned houses on Stroma

While we were wandering and were wondering, Why?

By All Exclusive Cruises | 17th April 2020

After the beautiful walk over the island of Stroma in the last blogpost you might have been left with the question Why? Well I will tell you….

Beautiful sunset over Thurso harbour

How to listen to a local.

By Charlotte | 21st February 2020

What do you do when you can not understand the person in front of you when you know he speaks english.

Whalebone with a view over Harris

How a sad whale story can make solid new years resolutions.

By Alexander | 1st January 2020

We love to watch whales and dolphins swimming anlongside of our kayaks. Unfortunatly we also come across dead whales, killed by our poluting lifestyle.

Sea eagle encounter

By Charlotte | 1st November 2019

An absolute ‘WOW’ moment with a white-tailed eagle!!!

Dwarfie stane

By Charlotte | 29th September 2019

Did you every wonder why Neolithic men dicided it was a good idea to hollow out a rock? You better read this story…

A flock of terns

Terror Tern!

By Charlotte | 7th July 2019

Think of Hitchcocks movie ‘Birds’, then read this story about the terror tern. The movie was right.