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Beautiful sunset over Thurso harbour

How to listen to a local.

By Charlotte | 21st February 2020

What do you do when you can not understand the person in front of you when you know he speaks english.

Whalebone with a view over Harris

How a sad whale story can make solid new years resolutions.

By Alexander | 1st January 2020

We love to watch whales and dolphins swimming anlongside of our kayaks. Unfortunatly we also come across dead whales, killed by our poluting lifestyle.

Sea eagle encounter

By Charlotte | 1st November 2019

An absolute ‘WOW’ moment with a white-tailed eagle!!!

Dwarfie stane

By Charlotte | 29th September 2019

Did you every wonder why Neolithic men dicided it was a good idea to hollow out a rock? You better read this story…

A flock of terns

Terror Tern!

By Charlotte | 7th July 2019

Think of Hitchcocks movie ‘Birds’, then read this story about the terror tern. The movie was right.

Eynhallow monestery in the morning light

The mysterious secret of Eynhallow.

By Charlotte | 22nd June 2019

Blue men hold guard over the little island of Eynhallow. For 6 hours they wave their arms eastwards and 6 hours westwards, creating big standing…

Seals on a rock

Seal choir

By Charlotte | 8th June 2019

WowowowowoNow, repeat after me…Wowowowowo, more like a howling dog but not that loud. Just a bit softer, wowowowo.Now, let’s make it more playful. You do…


By Charlotte | 6th April 2019

I can look at plovers all day, they are so funny.

Oyster catchers

By Charlotte | 2nd March 2019

What is that high pitched shouting all about?

The secret world of Highland cows.

By Charlotte | 1st February 2019

Highland cattle are always fun to watch but keep an eye on your seakayak and stuff with the cow’s are around!