Landscape & Wildlife

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By Charlotte | 6th April 2019

I can look at plovers all day, they are so funny.

Oyster catchers

By Charlotte | 2nd March 2019

What is that high pitched shouting all about?

The secret world of Highland cows.

By Charlotte | 1st February 2019

Highland cattle are always fun to watch but keep an eye on your seakayak and stuff with the cow’s are around!

Ticks do not tickle

By Charlotte | 20th July 2018

My opinion about ticks, and it is not a good one.

Another high

By Charlotte | 28th January 2018

This weekend we enjoyed and other high water. This time on the river Waal, the largest distributary branch of the Rhine. First by bicycle, which…

Kayaking in Meinderswijk, Arnhem. With High water in the floodplain

High water at home

By Alexander | 12th January 2018

This week, in the Rhine close to home, water did rise to 12.40m NAP (approx. sea level). To give you a reference to my floor…

No brains, only beauty

By Charlotte | 12th November 2017

The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains is great news for stupid people. Fascinating, ghostlike creatures hanging suspended…

Otterly adorable!

By Charlotte | 1st October 2017

Otters are the happiest creatures I know. We have already seen 4 otters during the trip so far. It is so much fun to see…