Piping plover with kayak in the back ground.
Piping Plover after a long hard paddle

‘Oh, there is a nice grubby there, let’s run to it. Oh no the wave is coming, let’s run back. Oh, there is a great jummy grubby there, let’s run to it now the water is gone, Oh no, the water is coming, let’s run back. You see that grubby there? Let’s run to it! Oh no, the water is coming, let’s run back!’
There is not one bird doing that, it is a small flock running in unison up and down the beach on their little orange legs. I think they are the Jessie Owens of the wading birds. Running from the waves and running after the waves at high speed. It is amazing to see the speeds these birds manage to go.

And they have more tricks up their sleeves.

‘Oh no, I don’t feel so good. I think I’ve twisted my wing. You see, it is hanging along my body, I can not fold it in….And there is something wrong with my leg as well. You see me walking funny and not fast at all. See me limping, I think I’m going to faint, Oh no I’ve got a headache as well. You see I’m easy prey……..Ha, ha, ha, fooled you!!!’

The plover is a little trickster, with this behaviour it steers away danger from its nest or youngsters. If you don’t let yourself be distracted by the fuss the parent birds make and look closely, you will find two or three little fluffy balls on the beach.

Piping plover in it's natural habitat
Sasy little piping plover.

I can look at plovers all day.

Charlotte Gannet

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