Two baby Herring Gull Chicks
Very cute looking Herring gull chicks

I would go absolutely bonkers if I had kids like that. Constantly whining and crying for food. Not one child but twins or sometimes triplets! All the same age! Imagine being a mother and have to provide for these two or three monsters all the time.

At least, I think it’s a mother gull. I don’t know how the parenting is divided between mother and father herring gull. You see, I’m not a birdwatcher, and although I watch birds, I never can tell the difference between male and female gull. Nowadays it’s perhaps a bit sexist to say that this is a mother gull. From now on I will call the bird with the chicks the ‘caregiver’ gull.

The high pitched chirping is the most annoying. Like a wheel that needs a bit of oil. And the constant bowing to the caregiver in a very submissive way. I imagine the chicks are whining, ‘I’m your sweet little chick and I’m also very hungry. Can I have some foooood? I really like fresh fish and some chips. So, if you can fool the humans in dropping their food on the pavement, that would be yummy. Did I mention I’m your sweet little chick and I want some foooooood….’

How can you stand three of those chicks whining like that all day long? And they are not satisfied if the caregiver is bringing home the food. With only one gulp it’s gone and then they start all over again.

It would drive me up the wall. I think I would just fly off, wouldn’t you? Away from those ungrateful little brats. 

I never knew that proud and stately Herring Gulls would produce such bad-behaved kids. They look so majestic with that immaculate white plumage and sophisticated light grey wings, an impressive yellow beak with those distinguishing red dots on each cheek. Quite a big bird with an almost haughty demeanor, looking down on smaller birds and stealing their food or even their chicks!

Herring Gull
Beautiful Herring Gull

Not to mention clever too, how they adjust their surroundings and see opportunities and find solutions to gull-problems. You would at least think the Herring Gulls would apply some strict parenting rules with their children. Like the naughty step and setting strict rules, boundaries, and limitations and not put up with this kind of begging behavior.

Anyway, I see all Herring Gull caregivers having the same problems with their chicks. It must be something in Herring Gull culture. 

But what’s this?! Adult birds showing the same behavior as Herring Gull chickens?! Do they have no shame? Begging to the humans for food with that same submissive bowing and whinging, exactly in the same as the chicks!!! That is not setting a great example for their kids. Or is it…..

Charlotte Gannet


  1. Sylvia on 13th January 2021 at 20:19

    So, dear sis, let me tell you about your sweet niece ‘L’. As a toddler she could ask all day for something to eat. “Mam, mag ik wat? Ma-am, mag ik wat?” Up to the point it became a habit to ask. I made sure we had a schedule: we had meals and snacks at the same time, every day. She learned to watch the clock at a very young age….

    • All Exclusive Cruises on 14th January 2021 at 09:19

      You had your own little sea gull chick! But I’m not sure if a actual sea gull chick is able to tell time?!

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