Seal choir

Seals on a rock

Now, repeat after me…
Wowowowowo, more like a howling dog but not that loud. Just a bit softer, wowowowo.
Now, let’s make it more playful. You do the wowowo-part and I will do only two but make it a prolonged wooooooooo. This can either be sung high or low, whatever you feel like.
So, together now….. Is there anyone who wants to take over the prolonged woooo from me? Yes? Wonderful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit wonky in keeping up the tone. Or have a very low or high voice. That’s what gives the right flavour to the song!

Excellent, to add an extra dimension we need someone who can do a snort. Anyone with a head cold present? Yes please, use a handkerchief. Although, the flying bogeys will add to the experience. Just let them fly!
Yes, add the snort at the end of the wowowowo and woooooooo part, or whenever you feel like snorting, please do.
Now practice altogether. Oh yes, brilliant. One more time, the same lyrics with the snort. And again…

To make this as real as possible we might need to perform this masterpiece of choral excellence in a church or maybe a natural cave, even a tunnel might do. Just to get that genuine echoing quality to the singing.
Here we go again, just hear that echo! Can you feel it? The echo lifts the entire thing!

This sing-a-long is not only fun for 3 or four people, invite friends to sing along! There is nothing that brings people closer together than singing. The more the merrier! The lyrics aren’t too difficult!
Perhaps you can find someone who can burp on demand! That would really bring the whole song together! Can you burp? Yes, excellent! Oh, listen to that echoing burp, lovely! With the wowowo it really sounds divine!

And now, all together! The fun thing is that when you know the basics, the entire tune can be totally intuitive! Just wowowo whenever you want and wherever you want! You could even sing together with your colleagues at work!
It’s a great stress-reliever once you get the hang of it. I mean, I have never seen a more relaxed bunch as a group of seals when I pass them in a kayak. So singing together must do some good.

seals on a rock

Charlotte Gannet


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  2. Elly on 09/06/2019 at 13:28

    Goed verhaal! XX

    • Charlotte on 14/06/2019 at 11:04

      Dank je wel!! Had je zin om mee te zingen? Of dat nog net niet?

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