‘Did you come far today?’
‘You’re my hero!’, ‘Are you sane?’
‘In my next life, I want to join you!’
‘That’s not a holiday!’

These are some quotes from the conversations we have with people along the way. People, who are fascinated when we come from this vast expanse of ocean and step out of our feeble kayaks. The reactions to our self-supporting cruises range from curiosity to wonder, to scepticism and downright rejection. Of course, people ask if they are willing to let go of all their comforts and have a holiday like this. People like to think in terms of all inclusive cruises, with loads of luxuries foods, entertainment and especially do-nothingness. We are exclusive of quite a few comforts in their eyes but for us our kayak cruises lead to very exclusive experiences, enriching our lives.

So after 17 years around the Scottish coast. Returning every year to navigate the sea and ocean. In total we kayaked over 9000 kilometres. Visiting 245 islands and islets in about 600 days. Days of exploring and learning, days of meeting interesting and inspiring people but especially days of creating fascinating stories and fabulous memories. We decided that we are ready to share our stories, adventures and observations through this blog.

So here I am, out of my comfort zone, again. Starting a new adventure, in writing this time. To me this is daring greatly, I feel so apprehensive and inadequate, very few stories of mine reached the paper. I guess I would rather be in a big sea at the moment than behind my keyboard. I know it will be a learning process, improving my English but especially the storytelling and writing skills. Let’s say “The bird who dares to fall, is the bird who learns to fly”. So we hope you will enjoy our stories and help us grow and share.

Charlotte Gannet

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