Meeting people

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Raasay bothy

Meeting on Raasay, the ceilidh.

By Charlotte | 6th March 2020

How we ended up in a family ceiligh in a bothy and had to perform on ‘stage’.

Beautiful sunset over Thurso harbour

How to listen to a local.

By Charlotte | 21st February 2020

What do you do when you can not understand the person in front of you when you know he speaks english.

Charlotte Gannet passing Clythness lighthouse

My own countrymen.

By Charlotte | 24th January 2020

Where do you turn to when you need help? Right, to your own countrymen. They will definitely help you out. This is the best advice ever.

Watercolour after Norman Ackroyd, Mingulay Bay

The Old Man and the Sea

By Alexander | 21st December 2018

After a day, sheltering for the endless rain, we decide to explore the town a bit further and find ourselves a nice dinner. Dressed in our dark green rain ponchos…

Popular Arisaig beach with tents and kayaks

The zombie apocalypse.

By Charlotte | 23rd September 2018

Have you ever thought about what to do when zombies take over the world? Neither did I until I met James on a beach in Arisaig. We land our kayaks…

Jimmy's bench on Hoy

Dae ye ivver hiv days when – as hid draas tae a close- ye lukk back an realise ye’ve aachieeved absoluutly nutheen?

By Charlotte | 9th September 2018

Don’t you just love Google Maps? It is a very useful tool to study the coastline of the Scottish Islands before visiting them. Dreaming away behind your computer before actually…

The man with bad make up.

By Charlotte | 22nd June 2018

A meeting with the most tattooed senior citizen on a remote beach on Skye Scotland.

‘Do you know where the shipwreck is?’

By Charlotte | 25th May 2018

A story about a little girl with a big imagination on a quest to find the shipwreck of the SS Politician after hearing the story in the pub.

Tom Leppard, watching us over a botthy wall

I’m a weirdo and I know it

By Charlotte | 13th May 2018

What is that? Two kayaks are approaching the beach? Oh no, not today. He thinks back to an evening three nights ago when a couple in kayaks landed on his…

Plate with fried seaweed, Dulse

Foraging companionship and the taste of seaweed

By Alexander | 30th March 2018

“Do you know the different types of seaweed?” the guy asks, he’s one of the 14 nephews and cousins we just met. They stay in the large house for the…