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Dear President Trump,

By All Exclusive Cruises | 25th April 2020

I have the greatest idea to help presedent Trump in his fight against the coronavirus. I just had to write him a letter….

Abandoned houses of Stroma

Frozen in time.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 3rd April 2020

Come with me for a walk on the island of Stroma and check out the abandoned houses with all their stories.

Eynhallow monestery in the morning light

The mysterious secret of Eynhallow.

By Charlotte | 22nd June 2019

Blue men hold guard over the little island of Eynhallow. For 6 hours they wave their arms eastwards and 6 hours westwards, creating big standing…

Hello world!

By Charlotte | 27th September 2018

Welcome to our new website, we upgraded. This is our first post here. We hope you are going to enjoy it!

Charlotte and Alexander in a sunset, waving at the viewer. At Fast Castle

Happy New Year!

By Charlotte | 31st December 2017

Charlotte and Alexander Gannet

Leaf skeleton of Holly on e bed of seaweed

Merry Christmas

By Charlotte | 22nd December 2017

Alexander and Charlotte Gannet