Imagine yourself walking on a small uninhabited island in Scotland with beautiful sweet-smelling wildflowers. And suddenly you see…..

campervan in the middle of nowhere

What is your first thought?

Write your first thought down in the comment below…..No, no, no first write down your first thought.

Good. And now you can read my first thoughts and see if they match yours.

About 1 kilometer away.

What is that? Is it….is it a van? Yes, it’s a van! Who forgot that he/she parked it here on this inhabitant island?

About 300 meters away.

Wow, how did that campervan get here? I mean, it’s an island. And the island is not exactly tidal so you can’t drive the van up the beach. If you drive it up the beach you must be speeding otherwise you might sink away in the wet sand. And how did they get it on the dunes?

Did they helicopter it in? That’s a bit expensive for an old campervan, isn’t it? Nice place though. I think I would like a campervan here, nice and quiet with a good view.

About 100 meters away.

Poor little van, I don’t think it can drive anymore. It looks a bit rusty and the tires are flat. Must be here for quite a while. Look the side door is open, I can have a little look inside!!

About 50 meters away.

Oh, look. It ‘s completely intact! With a bit of cleaning, you could use it again. Well, not the car I suppose, I think that bit is a goner but you could be inside. Is that side door still working? Otherwise, it might be interesting with the midgies. It even has curtains!

Looking inside.

I think people are still using this little campervan. It looks so neat with the cups turned upside down to prevent beastie from crawling in. Plates and washing-up liquid. And a gas canister for the stove…and a fridge as well….No, I won’t open draws and cupboards to sniff around. People use this and I must not be so nosy. Just walk on. I said, walk-on Charlotte!

Now, did you have the same thoughts as I did? 

I know that when I see a van like this or an abandoned house I just want to be in it. I want to see what’s inside, how it was used, look for personal things. Imagine how people used the house/campervan and what they looked like, how they lived. Is there a name for this type of affliction? There must be a name, I know I’m not the only one with this type of curiosity. If you know it let me know. 

Charlotte Gannet

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