Slow Travel & Wild camping

Kayaking, biking, walking, putting the tent up wherever we go.

Climate refugee.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 28th August 2020

I must redefine bad weather. I must. After a summer holiday in France, I finally know what bad weather really is…

Stromness a a sunny day

A lovely day in Stromness.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 12th July 2020

‘Oh no, I don’t like it at all. I think it is terrible and I wish it will be over soon!’ She said. And I don’t know what to say….

campervan in the middle of nowhere

What is that in the middle of nowhere?!

By Charlotte | 5th June 2020

What do you expect to find on an uninhabited island? Without people and cattle and only beautiful wildflowers?

tent in Scottish landscape

Desperate in need of 4G

By All Exclusive Cruises | 22nd May 2020

This story is about getting a good weather forecast in Scotland. Have you ever tried it? It is quite a task…..

Abandoned houses of Stroma

Frozen in time.

By All Exclusive Cruises | 3rd April 2020

Come with me for a walk on the island of Stroma and check out the abandoned houses with all their stories.

The cookingpot with food in it on Copinsay island Orkney islands

My grandma’s cooking pot

By Charlotte | 22nd November 2019

I inherited my grandma’s cookingpots and this is what happenend to them.

Drive-thru nature

By Charlotte | 13th October 2019

What kind of traveller are you? One that stays in your comfortzone or one that ventures out?

DIY Gear

By Alexander | 30th November 2018

We like creating and designing our own gear. We do a wide range of stuff, like sewing and carpentry or creating stoves from deodorant canisters.…

Mini campervan overlooking MaCleans Nose on Ardnamurchan

The divorce

By Charlotte | 23rd November 2018

I felt a bit of a struggle coming up when we drove back from Orkney. The paddle of the clutch was not responding all that…


Combat de la Rouge-Mare

By Alexander | 11th November 2018

Slow Traveling is exciting because it is not about the big and expected stories of visiting major landmarks or tourist traps, but rather the surprise…